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Current Members


Paul Grammer

M.S. Coastal Science,

The University of Southern Mississippi


B.S. Marine Biology,

Coastal Carolina University

Senior Research Associate in CFRD and CoPI


Kasea Price

B.S. Marine Biology,

Northwest Missouri State University 

Research Associate and Secretary of the Mississippi Chapter of the American Fisheries Society


Alyssa Pagel

B.S. Biology,

University of Wisconsin -

Stevens Point 

Research Technician and MS Student

Seasonal Movements and Habitat Use of Sheepshead and Black Drum


Cecilia (Ceci) Quesada

B.S. Biology,

Southern Arkansas University

Research Technician


Caleb Wilson

B.S. Biology,

The University of Southern Mississippi

Joint Research Technician with CFRD


Sarah Stovall

B.S. Biology,

The University of Southern Mississippi

MS Student

Juvenile and Subadult Gulf Sturgeon Use of a Bifurcated River Estuary 


Lindsay Bomgardner

B.S. Fish and Wildlife Conservation,

Virginia Tech 

MS Student

Delineating Lemon Shark Movements and Use of Mississippi's Waters 


Morgan Segrest

B.S. Aquaculture and Aquarium Sciences,

University of New England 

MS Student

Gulf Sturgeon Use of a Restored Barrier Island


Joel Yeager

B.A. Biological Sciences,

University of Missouri

MS Fisheries and Aquatic Science,

University of Georgia

PhD Student

Project TBD; Gulf Sturgeon growth and influence of river discharge on nekton communities


Joshua Perry


B.S. Fisheries and Wildlife Management, Northern Michigan University 

MS Student

Movement of Atlantic Trippletail and Mangrove Snapper 


Natalie Santiago


Undergraduate Researcher,

Gulf Scholars Program, The University of Southern Mississippi 

Former Members

Alfonso Cohuo

B.S. Marine Biology,

Texas A&M - Corpus Christi


MS Student

Estimating abundance, mortality, and trophic ecology of Gulf Sturgeon

Currently: PhD Student, 

University College Cork, Cork, Ireland


Glenn T. Schumacher

B.S. Fisheries and Aquatic Science,

University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point 

MS Student

Nekton dynamics around alternative bulkhead designs in Mississippi 

Currently: PhD Student

University of Maine


Austin Draper

B.S. Biological Sciences,

University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

MS Student

Multispecies Movements in Coastal Habitats Prior to Oyster Reef Construction

Currently: USACE ORISE Fellow


Elizabeth Greenheck

B.A. Biology, Society, and the Environment,

University of Minnesota 

MS Student

Gulf Sturgeon Movement in Mobile Bay and Modeling Holding Areas in the Pascagoula River 

Currently: PhD Student,

George Mason University

award card-lynch (002)_edited.jpg

Baylor Lynch

B.S. Biology,

The University of Southern Mississippi

Honor's Student

Assessing competition between congeneric shrimp along an estuarine gradient


Eric Haffey

B.S. Marine Science,

Coastal Carolina University

Research Associate


Kati Wright

B.S. Wildlife Conservation,

B.S.  Marine Fisheries Conservation,

Virginia Tech 

Research Technician 

Currently: MS Student,

Nicholls State University


Fressia Bechard

B.S. Marine Biology,

Belmont University


Undergraduate Thesis - 2019

Spatiotemporal analysis of parasite communities in anchovies if the Mississippi Sound

Currently: NASA DEVELOP Intern, Langley Research Center


McKenzie Turpin

B.S. Biology,

The University of Southern Mississippi 


Honors Student

Parasite community of Saltmarsh Topminnow in MS

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