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Recruiting a Postdoc in Fisheries Ecology

Updated: Apr 18

I am seeking a Postdoc to with expertise in fisheries ecology, acoustic telemetry, fisheries ecology, or spatial ecology to help lead and coordinate lab efforts examining drivers of fish movement and habitat associations across riverine to marine systems. The Estuarine and Movement Ecology Lab focuses on fish ecology and movement patterns in the northern Gulf of Mexico with an emphasis on understanding fish associations around restored habitats, connectivity of freshwater and marine systems, and conservation/management of protected species. The fellow will be responsible for assisting with data collection, help with animal care and use protocols, analysis of data, and leading of manuscripts. There are opportunities to design independent projects, make use of previously collected data sets ranging from nekton community data for Mississippi Sound to telemetry data for more than six species of fish in Mississippi's waters, and to build upon ongoing work. The position is based at the Gulf Coast Research Lab in Ocean Springs, MS.

Specific field duties may include the capture and tagging of a variety of fish species; deployment, maintenance, and retrieval of acoustic telemetry equipment; and assisting with on-going tagging and sampling projects. Specific lab duties are to advance publications and grants, present data at conferences/symposia, and collaborate with the EMEL lab on various projects.

Funding is available for up to two years. Salary is $56,500, including benefits. If interested please contact Dr. Michael Andres, and including a brief statement of interest and your CV. If interested please apply here:

Required Qualifications

• Ph.D. in ecology, fisheries or a related field. PhD awarded no more than four years prior to the effective date of appointment.

• Previous experience handling spatial or telemetry data, fish capture methods, an the ability to work independently as well as part of team.

• Strong skills in organization and communication.



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