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Missing Cages - Your Help is Appreciated!

Our lab has been playing around with different deployment methodologies for telemetry gear in shallow water and reducing interaction with the local fisheries (primarily trawling). This past fall we developed a receiver "crab" trap technique (influenced by conversations with Mike Dance at LSU and others) could easily slide over PVC pipes pounded into the soft mud of Mississippi Sound. Early tests of this were outstanding as they were easy to deploy, inexpensive to make, easy to retrieve, and stayed in place... unfortunately, after a busy hurricane season we are missing a number of them. We have had at least one returned to us as apart of MSU Extension Office's derelict trap program, but are missing a few more. With a big push coming up from MDMR for trap removal we are asking anyone that finds one of ours to give us a call or email. Thanks and hope all had a great Christmas and holiday season!


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